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Welcome to the UPDATED Hot World Customs and our new site!! 

We are excited for the re-launch of the historical information as well as new articles and features. We are hoping the new format will simplfy visitor use and offer the opportunity for viewers to post as well. Thanks for your patience waiting for the past few years. If you are interested in contributing to the site, please reach out.   We are looking for all sorts of topics, how-to’s and informational posts for the site.   We might even be able to assign a topic if interested in contributing but are unsure of a topic.

“How-To” Project: Dipping Cars by Gene’s Customs


“How-To” Project:  Dipping Cars

By: Gene’s Customs


I start with some room temperature water, and Borax soap.  (more…)

Parker’s DieCast Chop Shop: A Showcase


Parker’s DieCast Chop Shop: A Showcase

By: Steve Hakari

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a sweet Silverado Tri-Cab build by Parker’s DieCast Chop Shop(Jeremy Parker). (more…)

Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

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Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

Added 6/5/2015

The original Rebel Rods ended their run at #19, numbers beyond that were not part of the original line-up. With Release 2 dying the Rebel Rods name was never re-used.   In its place was a similarly characterized, open engine line which became part of the Street Freaks releases and eventually included the Spoilers line in the final Forever 64 run prior to production ceasing. (more…)

“How-To” Project: Dragster/Hauler by Jesse Buck


“How-To” Project: Dragster/Hauler

By: Jesse Buck



Schuco Restorations


Schuco Restorations

The Schuco Models are highly suitable for restoration due to their simplified assembly, usually with simple rivet construction. Doors open which does add some complexity, however it is easily worked with. For restorations only models which are well used but still complete become subjects for each project. The axles from 0,5mm metal which can be relatively easy to arranged. Wheel covers and tires are from other donors in which parts were used to help others. The Decals are water-slide created from pictures and other easily obtainable sources. The bodies must be thoroughly stripped in order to be properly cleaned and prepped. Lacquer paints are used through a standard airbrush and are sometimes custom mixed.


Schuco History


Schuco History

Note: This information has been transferred from one of the best Schuco reference sites I have seen. We thank Thomas “Moon” for partnering with us and, hopefully, bringing this information to a whole new group of collectors.  This information was originally published on 164scale.com

Thomas’ main site is located here: http:\\www.moon-s.de

We have included the core of his site here for reference purposes but Thomas has all of his collection pictured on the site. 


Schuco Opel Restoration


Schuco Opel Restoration – Pictorial Transition


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